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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Debra Leigh! I spent the pandemic writing my first Urban Fantasy, Falling, which released on February 7, 2022.

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy during these troubling times. In the meantime, please feel free to explore and enjoy my online home.

Debra Leigh xo

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P R O V O C A T I V E   R O M A N C E

When a woman goes missing in downtown New York, Addison Davis knows her father is getting too close. Following his escape from prison, Addison is living in a constant state of fear, and her poor performance at work is starting to reflect how distracted she truly is.

Her only solace? Matthew Blake, the delectably handsome coworker that waltzed his way into her heart (and panties) a few weeks before her life fell apart.

The situation becomes all too real, and Addison not only fears for her safety, but Matt’s as well. They escape to the mountains, taking refuge in a beautiful house on the lake, but from there. Addison’s problems only seem to magnify.

Emotions rage and passions flare in this provocative romance full of thrills, chills, and NAUTI skills.

Bound & Determined_edited.png
M A G I C A L   R E A L I S M

Sage Blackwell wakes one morning to find herself in bed with a man she doesn't know. Overnight, she was transported across the country & into the life of another woman. Though her features remain, no one seems to notice that Sage isn't the wife & mother-of-two that belongs in this suburban home; including her own daughter. As time goes on, Sage is transposed between her old & new lives. Determined to break the cycle, she sets out to find the truth, discovering her world is not what it seems.

Bound & Determined can be found on Kindle Vella, a storytelling option that allows authors to release their works one episode at a time. Readers can explore Kindle Vella stories in the Kindle app by going to the Discover tab (iOS devices) or the Store tab (Android & Fire devices) and tapping the Kindle Vella link. You can also visit the Kindle Vella store here.

Falling Cover - eBook.png
Y A   U R B A N   F A N T A S Y

When seventeen-year-old Audyn Becker sits down for lunch, she hardly sees herself as anything but ordinary. So when her straight-laced mother drags her home in the middle of the school day because Audyn somehow teleported her sandwich across the room, well, nothing makes sense anymore.

Audyn learns she is a Geo and a member of the Elite; warriors, who develop abilities as late teens to help rid the world of infernal beasts. She's then whisked away to Sinai Academy, a centuries old school that trains developing members mind, body and spirit.


The catch? Teleportation is rare, so rare that Audyn's kind only develops when an Archdemon has neared Earth's crust, making her the only Geo alive. With no one to train her, Audyn must learn to step outside of her comfort zone and trust herself.

Full of lively characters, intense action, and countless twists, the first installment in the series builds an unforgettable world and sets the stage for many adventures to come.

P R O V O C A T I V E   R O M A N C E

While trying to escape a toxic past, Addison Davis takes refuge in a small New York City apartment. She accepts an assistant designer position at Interactive Media, an up-and-coming advertisement firm. The position is an opportunity of a lifetime, but the workload is overwhelming to say the least.


To reset her mind and body, she joins her family on a tropical cruise. Seven days of paradise lay ahead, when Addison realizes Matthew Blake, a co-worker, bordering on boss, has dropped in on her week-long get-away!

Mr. Blake is a mysterious man, who seems to have taken an interest in Addison's life. She of course, is having none of it. Domineering men have pushed her around long enough and she refuses to submit to anyone. Little does she know, that's exactly what he wants.

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