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Nauti Secrets

Nauti Series, Book 2


When a woman goes missing in downtown New York, Addison Davis knows her father is getting too close. Following his escape from prison, Addison is living in a constant state of fear, and her poor performance at work is starting to reflect how distracted she truly is.

Her only solace? Matthew Blake, the delectably handsome coworker that waltzed his way into her heart (and panties) a few weeks before her life fell apart.

The situation becomes all too real, and Addison not only fears for her safety, but Matt’s as well. They escape to the mountains, taking refuge in a beautiful house on the lake, but from there. Addison’s problems only seem to magnify.

Emotions rage and passions flare in this provocative romance full of thrills, chills, and NAUTI skills.

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