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The Raddison Chronicles, Book 1


When seventeen-year-old Audyn Becker sits down for lunch, she hardly sees herself as anything but ordinary. So when her straight-laced mother drags her home in the middle of the school day because Audyn somehow teleported her sandwich across the room, well, nothing makes sense anymore.

Audyn learns she is a Geo and a member of the Elite; warriors, who develop abilities as late teens to help rid the world of infernal beasts. She's then whisked away to Sinai Academy, a centuries old school that trains developing members mind, body and spirit.


The catch? Teleportation is rare, so rare that Audyn's kind only develops when an Archdemon has neared Earth's crust, making her the only Geo alive. With no one to train her, Audyn must learn to step outside of her comfort zone and trust herself.

Full of lively characters, intense action, and countless twists, the first installment in the series builds an unforgettable world and sets the stage for many adventures to come.

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