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Bound & Determined


Sage Blackwell wakes one morning to find herself in bed with a man she doesn't know. Overnight, she was transported across the country & into the life of another woman. Though her features remain, no one seems to notice that Sage isn't the wife & mother-of-two that belongs in this suburban home; including her own daughter. As time goes on, Sage is transposed between her old & new lives. Determined to break the cycle, she sets out to find the truth, discovering her world is not what it seems.

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Kindle Vella is a storytelling option that allows authors to release their works one episode at a time. Readers can explore Kindle Vella stories in the Kindle app by going to the Discover tab (iOS devices) or the Store tab (Android & Fire devices) and tapping the Kindle Vella link. You can also visit the Kindle Vella store here.

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