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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Hello and welcome to my new blog Writing it Forward with Debra Leigh!

Becoming an author has been quite the journey. I had very little knowledge on the subject when I sat down to complete my first manuscript in 2017... scratch that... I didn't know a damn thing. And as it turns out, writing is the easiest part for me. Words flowed from my fingertips with ease and I remember thinking, "Wow, I can do this! This is nothing!"

Ha haha ha! Yeah, that was a load of bullshit.

There is so much more to this world than simply typing words onto a keyboard. You can write as many books as you'd like, but selling them, that's the kicker. After all, if we only wanted to write for ourselves, we would buy a diary and call it a night.

So follow along for all the writing tips and marketing tricks I come across. I'll even throw in a few hey-I-did-this-and-maybe-you-shouldn't warnings just for fun.

Let's conquer this shit!

Debra Leigh xo

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